Arefopp soul purpose is to supply world-wide: the skills, training and advice , to allow optimisation of refractory products, from their manufacture to their end application.
Therefore we offer

  • General and basic training on refractories.

  • Specific training on pieces used in steel casting: isostatic & slide gate plates.

  • Introduction and advice on refractory manufacturing .

  • Utilization of the products in the field and demanded properties.

  • Performances optimisation.

  • Understanding of refractory behaviour and problem analyses.

  • Help in choosing correct suppliers for a specific need..

As it is now realised that in refractory business, expertise and qualified knowledge is slowly diminishing; our mission is to avert any further lost in this area and to ensure that the industry can continue to function well and knowledge passed onto the necessary areas.

Quite often today, users simply pass the problems to their suppliers, which, in turn, the suppliers return the problems back to the users.